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RC4G* Peterborough provides youth in the Peterborough area with the opportunity to build confidence and community through the creation of rock music. RC4G* uses the medium of rock ‘n roll as a fun and accessible way to encourage and assist campers in: developing new abilities; taking risks within a safe and supportive atmosphere; building communication and teamwork skills; enhancing confidence and self-esteem; and ultimately having a fun and fulfilling experience.

RC4G*’s programs are primarily targeted to girls, women, non-binary and trans individuals. Male allies are welcomed as supporters and behind-the-scenes volunteers.


*girls, non-binary and trans youth

rc4g-registrationRC4G* is a week-long summer day camp focusing on the basics of playing and performing in a rock ‘n roll band.

The camp was started in 2006 by five women in Peterborough, Ontario, who love to rock. Inspired by the Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, Oregon, the group developed a one-week camp which ran in July 2006. It was a huge success!

Since then, RC4G* Peterborough has offered one to two weeks of camp each summer for youth aged 10 to 18. The camp is held at Sadleir House, a community centre close to Peterborough’s downtown, and includes basic instrument instruction (electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboards), band practice sessions to compose and practice songs, and a variety of workshops on skills such as songwriting, vocal techniques, stage presence, promotion and live sound tech. On the final afternoon of camp we hold our ‘Big Gig’ where the bands perform their original songs for family and friends. It’s a blast!

In 2008, we ran our first ever Jam Camp, an advanced program for campers who have already attended one or more sessions of Rock Camp. At Jam Camp we focussed more intensively on musical and technical skills chosen by participants, but also reserved plenty of time for playing together in a variety of ways – large group jams, pick-up bands, vocal groups and more.

In October of 2008, we added another new program — Women’s Rock Weekend, a two-day mini-camp for women aged 19+. WRW is a ton of fun, and also an important fundraiser for the organization. Staff volunteer their time for the weekend and funds raised go towards our camper subsidy program, helping us to fulfill our goal of making Rock Camp accessible to any camper who wants to come.

In 2010, we started an Intern Program to give former campers a way to stay involved with RC4G* and build additional musical and leadership skills. The program has grown and improved each year, with detailed curriculum and expanded responsibilities for interns. It continues to evolve as we build our capacity to support youth in becoming future leaders!

In 2017, we launched another new program called Rock Block! It’s a casual, after-school musical drop-in for youth, held at Sadleir House. We provide some instruments and the The Spill provides a backline of drum kit and amps. Participants can jam together, learn new hands-on skills, or just hang out.

RC4G* Peterborough is overseen by a volunteer organizing committee; current members include Jill Staveley,  Melissa Henning, Julia Fenn, Sara Shahsavari, and Melinda Richter. Supervision and instruction at RC4G is provided by a team of rock counsellors with experience in instrumental music, vocals, performance, dramatic techniques, promotion and marketing and technical production. Current and former rock counsellors – in addition to organizing committee members – include Jean Greig, Em Glasspool, Erika Nininger, Robyn Avis, , Ida Lloyd, and Tanya Aeri, Frank Climenhage, Tracy Ashenden, Kirsten Addis, Kate Gentle, Jocelyn Grills, anya gwynne, Di Latchford, Moe Laverty, Kelly McMichael, Kate Story, Sarah Theobald and Peg Town. We also have many talented volunteers, male, female, non-binary and trans, who help out with many aspects of camp.

RC4G* Peterborough is a member of the Girls’ Rock Camp Alliance, an international association of girls’ rock camps.